Natural ingredients

Balms and Oils

Our most important ingredients are Borage (Starflower), Oat, Sesame, Wheatgerm and Meadowfoam. Borage, Oat and Sesame have been chosen as research suggests that topical applications of these natural oils are beneficial to skin in areas such as skin repair, reduction of imflammation and for their anti-oxidative properties. In addition, Wheatgerm is high in Vitamin E which promotes skin cell formation whilst Meadowfoam has a high long-chain fatty acid content which provides moisture and nourishment whilst staying on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Beeswax is included in our balm to help keep the oils together and provide a layer of protection.

Soap needs a mixture of hard and soft oils in order for to form a solid bar. In addition to Borage, Oat and Sesame Oils, our soaps use Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter to provide that hard element and but they have equally important properties for skin function. Additionally, we use wonderful sheep milk which is high in fat and helps to create our creamy and conditioning bars. We don’t believe in using artificial scents or colours and our fragranced soaps use essential oils only. Our unscented soap is very gentle and can be used on babies and children.

Nappy Balm
Our gentle nappy balm contains Coconut oil for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and Shea Butter to provide moisturise. Non-Nano Zinc-Oxide provides a waterproof layer against the skin and prevent urine and faeces penetration whilst Bentonite Clay fights bacteria. Beeswax protects. Whilst causes of nappy rash can be many and varied, this balm will help to protect the skin from the ammonia build up caused by urine and faeces mixing against the skin.